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  1. Vorpal

    Welcome on Forums!

    Hello! I'm Vorpal, the lover of rangers and magical destruction . Love this place so far, hoping it will gather a large community. Happy to see even Bartenders here, although not sure about dwarven ones . The beer is brewed on vodka and no wine in the menu I guess? Explain, dwarf, might get me something if that's drinkable.
  2. Your favorite Pathfinder Hybrid Class? Ok, so I love Ranger, but lately I'm playing around with some magic. Want to break that thing up and trying the Arcanist. Love the idea of a wizard/sorcerer mashup with a twist, making this class insteresting to tinker with . Lots of possibilities, a bit different spellcaster than classic ones. Arcane Exploits are a very cool way to use spells like powers, while not completely destroying the arcane casting system in game. At least in my opinion.
  3. What is your favorite Pathfinder character class and why? Personally I love rangers, they're what life's about - hunt, and uh, favored enemies . No, I mean really, still love ranger although right now experimenting with some other options. Spell based ones, but that's a subject for another topic. Probably will return to a classic ranger later.
  4. Vorpal

    Eberron going 5th Edition D&D - Possible Teaser?

    Cool. Eberron is ok, but would love to try re-edited Spelljammer :). That's a space-travel oriented setting, or so I've heard. Waiting for info then.
  5. Vorpal

    Favorite Dungeons & Dragons Campaign Setting

    Mostly Forgotten Realms, Ravenloft or Dragonlance, especially when linking FR and DL through the mists of Ravenloft. A classic example, Lord Soth was an undead Solamnian Death Knight which then "moved" to Ravelnoft, so to speak.