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Found 2 results

  1. Your favorite Pathfinder Hybrid Class? Ok, so I love Ranger, but lately I'm playing around with some magic. Want to break that thing up and trying the Arcanist. Love the idea of a wizard/sorcerer mashup with a twist, making this class insteresting to tinker with . Lots of possibilities, a bit different spellcaster than classic ones. Arcane Exploits are a very cool way to use spells like powers, while not completely destroying the arcane casting system in game. At least in my opinion.
  2. For further familiarizing with each other, figured out it would be good to know our preferences. There are many universes that the mother of all roleplaying games introduced throughout it's different editions. Check out the poll, and if you feel there's some world we've omitted and should add, post and we'll add it :). This is a multiple choice poll, you can vote for as many universes as you wish. It's public to help us better know each other. So, what is your favorite D&D Campaign Setting?