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    New Tabletop RPG

    Hey everyone! I'm new here and am looking to share some awesome experiences with people. To start I actually wanted to say that I am a developer myself and am looking for players to play-test the game. I've been in development for the past 4 years and am on the last stages of the creation process. The game is called Reborn in Power; the system has been created for optimal character customization and campaign. How I managed to make a system that focuses solely on your character creation is by getting rid of the class based structure. Instead of classes, you receive a benefit that allows you to unlock specific Skills, Feats, and Abilities based off of your play-style. You are not locked to a specific class; instead you decide what skills you want and when you get them. This system allowed for me to incorporate Sci-fi elements with Fantasy. Not just that, the system is easy enough to homebrew any style of campaign you want and still include the original elements. This means all genres of storytelling are available for players to enjoy and has a more personal element to your campaigns.
  4. Roleplaying games have quite a few years already, and there's been some great music created for them over the years. What gaming soundtrack do you appreciate the most and why? 🙂 I'll start with something that many years ago completely disarmed me with its sheer beauty, uniqueness and atmosphere. This comes from Matt Uelmen, and back it the day it was a shock that one could create such a great, dark and gritty hybrid of classic medieval fantasy with modern sound, using haunting samples and overdriven electric guitars. Diablo I maybe wasn't an RPG. But I've spent countless hours with my friends playing it, almost every day after it was released. We even carried our heavy computers to each other's houses, with those old-fashioned CRT monitors - man, that was some exercise. But it was also the only way to play Diablo on LAN, and almost nobody had Internet back then. And it was a great experience, killing the Butcher and skeleton king Leoric countless times, reaching catacombs and then Diablo in hell. Later there was an expansion adding the "subterranean jungle" levels and some more dark corridors leading to Na'Krul (which *somehow* I've killed with exactly 2 fireballs! Had it recorded on tape to prove). But it wasn't the same without such a great soundtrack that was created originally. In my opinion, Diablo II and Diablo III never reached this level of musical craftsmanship that helped to make the first game such a huge hit. Heck, almost no other game since then could compare, in their whole history. That says something. There are other gaming soundtracks that I love for different reasons, so the above may not be necessarily my number one, but it's certainly in top 10. And what is your favorite soundtrack? Is it from a new game like The Witcher or Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, some classic oldschool thing like Planescape: Torment, Baldur's Gate, Heroes of Might & Magic III? Or maybe it was some retro, SNES, Amiga title? What would you recommend for an RPG gaming session?
  5. Wandering Mage

    Your favorite Pathfinder Character Class

    Hahah, I liked to play Paladins too, although as a player in RPGs I'm rarely about mechanics 🙂. And even from that standpoint I'd agree with that - Paladin is a great supporter, but also an archetype of a hero, can do things flashy and in style. Man, I love when people play bards. They add that factor of fun, glory and silliness to the game that no other class is capable of 🙂. Sometimes it pisses of the players (depending on how you roleplay your bard), but that's also what makes a great rpg session, what makes it more memorable. Maybe we'll see some of that in some play by forum campaign 😉. And that drawing - is it yours maybe?
  6. My favorite class is Bard. He is a Jack of all trades always prepared for any situation, and cheerful and crazy enough😂
  7. Zoro the Gallade

    Your favorite Pathfinder Character Class

    Paladin...and it has entirely to do with how overpowered it is in PF compared to 3.5. Smiting, healing, tanking and supporting can let you either steal the scene or give a ton of help to the party.
  8. Zoro the Gallade

    Favorite Pathfinder Hybrid Class?

    Skald. Purely because you quickly become a supporter who can make or break a fight if you pick the right buffs, as long as your party has a couple PCs who went for pure bruisers and not special snowflake builds who have too many options to benefit from your Raging Song.
  9. Zoro the Gallade

    Welcome on Forums!

    Greetings. Zoro Gallade here, a DM with...admittedly some clever ideas and pretty good at managing frantic play-by-chat campaigns on Discord. And I do mean frantic. I mean, we ran all six books of Way of the Wicked in a matter of a few months. And yeah, my favourite system is Pathfinder. I really like all the kinds of micromanagement you can do in it, it feels quite unique. Hit me up if you're interested.
  10. Guest

    Eberron going 5th Edition D&D - Possible Teaser?

    Can I play a Tiefling Hexblade Warlock in Eberron? Because I can play one in The Forgotten Realms.
  11. Seems the best year for Dungeons & Dragons will only get better. Dungeons & Dragons Art & Arcana: A Visual History is a big, comprehensive book about D&D's art history that's coming on October 23rd 2018. The publication will feature more than 700 pieces of the art created for Dungeons & Dragons during its over 44 years long existence. Among the authors there are two RPG historians and writers (Michael Witwer, Jon Peterson), a director of the 2009's movie Fanboy (Kyle Newman), and a person who was the voice of Emperor Palpatine and Darth Maul in Star Wars' iconic productions, Star Wars: Rebels and Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Sam Witwer). Inside the book that will come in various cover designs, including Special Edition similar to the new Dungeons & Dragons rulebooks, we'll find a visual story of D&D starting from its very roots. It includes the most legendary pieces of art ever done for D&D, some less known artworks, and even the works of Gary Gygax's and Dave Arneson's first concept artists, who weren't professionals at that time (Greg Bell, Kenan Powell, Tracey Lesh): Dungeons & Dragons: Art & Arcana is a 448-page book that covers art from all 5 Editions of the game, its supplements, adventures, Forgotten Realms and Dragonlance novels, material accumulated from decades long publication of Dragon and Dungeon magazines, classic advertisements and merchandise. Plus concept sketches, large-format canvases, rare photographs and one of a kind drafts from revered D&D illustrators, including lots of material that was never published before. According to sources, this product may end up as the most comprehensive compilation about the art of D&D ever created, reaching from early Gygax years through TSR, Fiend Folio and Games Workshop periods (yes, GW was actually publishing D&D before they created Warhammer) and then using the best of what Wizards of the Coast gathered in their libraries and allowed to dabble with. So yes, we can safely expect a lot of classic Jeff Eesley, Tony DiTerlizzi, Larry Elmore and other big names. But probably the most thrilling could be the possibility of learning about the creative process and ideas, the whys and hows that shaped the form in which we visualize and imagine D&D from the very beginning to our present days. Where to buy: Amazon | Barnes & Noble Exclusive Edition | Penguin Random House Canada | Walmart More information: LINK | LINK Some interesting editorial reviews:
  12. Wandering Mage

    Dungeons & Dragons 5e Eberron and Ravnica 5e Announced!

    Welcome Astro. Fixed the typo, thank you .
  13. So here's the news! 2 newly edited, official D&D 5e worlds (Campaign Sourcebooks) coming to Dungeons & Dragons! First one is a Campaign Prototype for Eberron available on WotCs' DM's Guild. Second is a Guildmasters’ Guide to Ravnica. Eberron: Wayfinder’s Guide to Eberron is available now on DMsGuild.com. Ravnica: Guildmasters’ Guide to Ravnica in game stores November 9, everywhere else November 20. Eberron 5e - Availability Wayfinder's Guide to Eberron is available now on DMsGuild.com and sold in PDF format for $19,99. Keith Baker, the original Eberron's creator, describes the original idea behind the Eberron Campaign Setting: Wayfinder's Guide to Ebberon - Printed Version? There is no printed version of Eberron Campaign Setting announced at this moment. Placing Wayfinder's Guide on DMs Guild most likely means that Eberron is going to be another world, after Forgotten Realms and Ravenloft, available for DMs Guild users to create content with. We'll confirm that as soon there's official permission, but it looks obvious. UPDATE: And here it is. Eberron is now officially allowed. More about the War of Eberron from Keith Baker: And the player races of Eberron in 5e through the words D&D Beyond's Todd Kenreck & D&D Creative Director Mike Mearls: Wayfinder's Guide to Eberron - Book Description From DMsGuild about Eberron's Wayfinder's Guide 5e: Remember though that this is only a prototype Eberron Campaign Setting! Which means the following: So this new PDF ebook is basically something between Unearthed Arcana and retail Campaign Setting - an official release, but targeted for DM's Guild which is a specific place, serving its purpose. That doesn't mean it's not a valuable new material - it's just not allowed in Adventurer's League yet, and it's not a fully finished Campaign Setting. Such would be priced higher and sold as hardcover. Which may happen in future, like with Ravnica. UPDATE: According to D&D's Mike Mearls, this prototype ebook will be updated with new data and revisions in the process of production of the final Eberron Campaign Setting. So if you buy the PDF now, you'll have the latest content added later for free. Still, those 2 books (pdf and hardcover setting) should have some original content, as Mike Mearls said on Twitter: "we want the owners of both to be happy". Sources (check details in the replies): Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica - Information In our previous article we've mentioned some information and sources about Ravnica, check it out. See how Todd Kenreck and various other designers discuss Magic: The Gathering's "Ravnica" coming to Dungeons & Dragons: Official Press Announcement More official information available here: LINK Safe travels! ~ W.M.
  14. Searching through the planes, we suddenly stumbled upon a thing totally unexpected... There is a possible surprise announcement of a new Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons Campaign Setting. And it's a Magic the Gathering's world, Ravnica! We're talking about a hardcover book with a release date of November 20th 2018. As for the title, there are many interpretations. In my opinion, calling it "Guildmasters' Guide to Ravnica" could mean that the books' authors are changing the term "Dungeon Master" into "Guildmaster" for this specific world, suggest a connection to the WotC Dungeon Master's Guild, or hint on some unique guild mechanic that could be devised for this setting. Maybe something else, we'll have to see. I'm writing this late at night, but it's 23rd of July. This means that, according to Nathan Stewart, today is the day Wizards of the Coast should announce new products. Roleplaying community generally hoped this could be about some awaited 5e Campaign Settings. And with most people expecting those to be Eberron, Spelljammer or even Planescape, nobody seen Magic the Gathering's Ravnica coming. You can find the book on Amazon. We'll quote the description for you: Is it really happening? Or is it maybe a placeholder?... I must confess it doesn't seem like a placeholder to me. But we'll know for sure after it's officially confirmed. If you'd like to know more about this (originally) MTG trading card game setting, look no further. In addition to the above Guildmaster's Guide, Amazon prepared respective pages for two other D&D Ravnica products: D&D Guildmasters' Guide to Ravnica Map Pack D&D Guildmasters' Guide to Ravnica Dice So, there would be also a set of maps for the enormous city of Ravnika (a really big metropoly) and a custom dice set. We don't know more at this point. Was our yesterday's hype a bit premature?... Must admit I feel a bit like that at the moment. But let's wait for more details and the official announcements. Such a twist sure could be unexpected for us, players, but not business-wise. Though keep in mind it's still unofficial. Nonetheless, the setting is a world coming from a popular trading card game, another big Wizards of the Coast intellectual property. There certainly is a big audience. So, what do you say. Love it, hate it? Confused?
  15. Behold! These aren't lazy vacations for Wizards of the Coast. Heck, observing them one could imagine they've already forgotten* what their holidays were like. Instead, they focus on ours. Special Edition D&D Core Rulebook Covers and Gift Set Without further ado, that's how those Special Edition Rulebooks will look like. Click to enlarge: Aren't they amazing? That's the result of the careful plotting at WotC of course, but for the art we should thank entity known as Hydro74. Being an eternal fan of the D&D legacy, sure I would and most likely WILL actually buy those. Especially that they come (probably optionally) as a "Gift Bundle", which is going include an alternative, Special Edition Dungeon Master's Screen and a similarly cute SE Core Rulebook Case to pack it together. Such slipcase is very welcome because it's practical - it's gonna be easier to carry the books around to players for a session. But this alternative cover version won't be the only available. An identical set with a DM's Screen and Core Rulebook Case will be sold featuring traditional designs as well. Release Date and Some Important Details First of all, let's take a look at those whole 2 sets: When will we get those goodies? Thera are two release dates: October 19th 2018 for Special Edition and October 30th 2018 for Standard Edition. So not yet, but incoming. The whole "Gift Set" bundle is priced at $169.95. For those not familiar with D&D - it's complete, enough to start playing right away. Keep in mind though that some official sources call the Special Edition version a "Collector's Edition". So we could expect that this is a one-of-kind occasion, and I wouldn't be surprised if there won't be any reprints once that first batch is sold and the wave runs out. Also, WotC confirms that the alternative cover version is planned to be available only at physical stores. So that's what we get - a real D&D Collector's Edition of the base rulebooks that should be regarded and pursued as rarity in the future. Dungeons & Dragons for Children and Waterdeep: Dragon Heist Adventure On 23th of October 2018 Wizards will release also two previously unannounced books for children - one to help them master the alphabet and one to make them as good at numbers as a young dragon. All themed around D&D, so if you'd like to give your kids some idea of what fantasy roleplaying might be like, those could be perfect. There's also a coloring book we had some prior knowledge of that's shipping to stores on August 21. With a big purple beholder on cover! Whether is such age appropriate to familiarize your children with the world of magic spells, heroes and beholders is up to you though. Two other premieres that will happen are Waterdeep: Dragon Heist Adventure and a Waterdeep: Dragon Heist Dice Set. No, I'm really, totally not working for WotC. I have nothing to do with them. I'm really hard to impress in general. But in my opinion, both offers look great and useful for players and DMs. The storyline of Dragon Heist (and what follows) looks really promising. Waterdeep is a great city of intrigue and politics, filled with numerous, often very rich factions that compete for power and control over the region. And thanks to the (in)famous wizard Volothamp Geddarm, players are surely going to get involved in things much bigger than they are. Maybe it's a quest for riches, but with some realistic background to keep players thrilled and entertained throughout. And it's not for the high levels, it's meant to be experienced by 1st-5th level characters. Which could seem like an alternative to Lost Mine of Phandelver from D&D Starter Set, but the complex Waterdhavian environment might not be the best setting for inexperienced DMs. Still, that's exactly the kind of adventure I was missing for a long time and I'm eager to check it out, playtest and review for you some time after it's available. Release date: September 18th 2018. Price: $49.95. Now, the latter of two, Dragon Heist: Dice Set is an accessory that isn't very important. But can't say it's not an interesting offer either. It's a themed dice set including four d6s, two differently sized d20s to ease the rolling of Advantage and Disadvantage, plus it's coming with a golden Hit Point tracker. All depends on whether you can afford it. To me $24,95 is quite expensive. But the quality appears to be really superb and as a gift for someone you value I would still recommend to consider. It's useful and looks like a treasure. Summarizing the Wizardry So that would be it for now. Did you feel like a child in a candy store too? I certainly did. While generally, to say the least, not a fan of big companies and I do hate when they're trying to sell me stuff of questionable utility or quality, here it's a different story. Even if you wouldn't be a D&D lover, I bet you'd still be impressed by what WotC menages to achieve with it's unique approach to 5th Edition. Apart from high standard of production (especially the books are really well written), I think it's because WotC menages to capture the attention of both veterans with their nostalgic, precious collector's editions, and possibly everyone else interested in their franchise. There's something from everyone, and it doesn't seem like they're trying to sell us just *anything*. There is some deeper thought behind each accessory. Also, they're not releasing that much material like TSR did in the past, which dragged the company down in the end, ultimately resulting in a financial catastrophe. Is it all I'd dream about? Exactly what one would expect? No. But what they're creating is successfully inviting to their own vision and there's probably still a lot in store for us in the future. Meanwhile, we're walking the planes. ~ W.M. * pun intended!
  16. Wandering Mage

    The Witcher Tabletop RPG Release Date, Price and Q&A Annaunced

    Thank you for comment Quietus, absolutely. We just thought it's easier to pronounce for English speaking people, and it's a direct translation. But yes, it's "safe" to leave names untranslated - I only fear it's going to be really hard to pronounce, so less reader friendly. Some resources: https://blog-english.jrlanguage.com/do-names-and-titles-need-to-be-translated/ http://translationjournal.net/journal/50proper.htm https://english.stackexchange.com/questions/142975/when-did-we-stop-translating-proper-names https://www.onehourtranslation.com/translation/blog/it-important-translate-peoples-names https://forum.wordreference.com/threads/translating-names-do-you-translate-foreign-names-in-your-language.83803/
  17. The author is still called Andrzej, not Andrew. As far as I know that's his name on the English book covers too.
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