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  1. The Bartender

    Eberron going 5th Edition D&D - Possible Teaser?

    That's some good news. Not the greatest fan of Eberron, but I'll probably buy EVERY D&D setting they release... Just, Greyhawk maybe? Any GH love yet?
  2. The Bartender

    Welcome on Forums!

    Good to see you, adventurer! Ha! Glad you're alive! Now get yourself a mug 'o ale 🍺 and sit yer down in our tavern... First and foremost, thank you for joining us. Yer warmly welcome around these parts. Having you here, we're set to build the most awesome, thriving and interesting Roleplaying Community in the known world! And in the Planes, maybe. Now, it would be nice to say hello to your fellow visitors and travelers 🙂. Write a few words about yourself, maybe which RPG game systems or worlds you prefer, or introduce your favorite roleplaying character. Say as much or as little as you wish, if you want, you can write where you live too - we're global here, so that could be interesting. I will be known to you as The Bartender - my name's never used anymore, they always call the Bartender, haha! I'll be looking over this place, making sure you're all staying safe, well fed, and never ever run out of ye ale! 🍻