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  1. Zoro the Gallade

    Your favorite Pathfinder Character Class

    Paladin...and it has entirely to do with how overpowered it is in PF compared to 3.5. Smiting, healing, tanking and supporting can let you either steal the scene or give a ton of help to the party.
  2. Zoro the Gallade

    Favorite Pathfinder Hybrid Class?

    Skald. Purely because you quickly become a supporter who can make or break a fight if you pick the right buffs, as long as your party has a couple PCs who went for pure bruisers and not special snowflake builds who have too many options to benefit from your Raging Song.
  3. Zoro the Gallade

    Welcome on Forums!

    Greetings. Zoro Gallade here, a DM with...admittedly some clever ideas and pretty good at managing frantic play-by-chat campaigns on Discord. And I do mean frantic. I mean, we ran all six books of Way of the Wicked in a matter of a few months. And yeah, my favourite system is Pathfinder. I really like all the kinds of micromanagement you can do in it, it feels quite unique. Hit me up if you're interested.