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Found 2 results

  1. Dear adventurers! We have a little announcement: as you probably can spot at the time I'm writing this one our front page, we've released our first issue of Roleplaying News. Just hop in the here and read what is it about. Here's the link: Visit us frequently for me. Good day to you, and safe travels! ~W.M.
  2. Wandering Mage

    The Opening

    Roll a d20 for Perception Check! Alright, seems that's a success. You spot our first, opening bulletin... As promised earlier on our fanpage, we've opened our new, shiny forums! They're pretty, aren't they? Well, not only pretty, but also quite functional! That's some investment, but we believe you should have the best possible means of actually socializing with each other. Sounds scary enough, but what can you do with it? Quite a lot! Post, make polls, ask questions and get rated answers, gather new parties for Rolld20 or Fantasy Grounds, group into thematic clubs, create your own blog, find people for some real-life roleplaying sessions or even start a Play By Forum campaign! All that and more awaits your creativity! We'll be sharing some ideas and tips, but for now we suggest you to familiarize yourself with the environment. Don't worry, you will neither break anything nor leave any unwanted traces. Firstly, check all links and dropdowns in our forum's top bar. There's not nearly enough to get lost, it's just what's useful. There's an awesome Activity Feed, which can show you the timeline of all posts and events in our community, Leaderboards, a place for Blogs, an Event calendar, links to our fanpage and even a meme portal. We specifically encourage you to check out the Blogs, as they are beautiful - featured with comments, follows and likes, available for everyone - the only limit is your own imagination! They are quick, fun and powerful. So don't be shy, try it! Once you check those out, get some snacks and a tea for an XP bonus. Those should come in handy, because as means of a warm welcome we've opened a few broad forum categories as well as their main forums. There you can post about anything you wish. The first category is all about News and Announcements, which is quite self-explanatory. At this point in time-space, there's only one forum: Perception Check - News That's where you are right now. You roll for perception and try to find some news and updates. If successful, you can probably spot some new topics. If not, don't drop into despair. Game Masters may not be very forgiving, but you can try again once in a while. Following those forums - highly recommended. The second category is a place for all Pen & Paper addicts, like, of course, me and you. That's where your feast begins: General Discussions What's the use of those forums? This is a great place to start topics about roleplaying concepts in general. It could be about fantasy characters, world building, your own homebrewed systems, game mechanics, storytelling or science-fiction oriented. You can also post specifically about any systems that don't have their own category yet, like maybe Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, some GURPS, storytelling ones like Vampire: The Masquerade, Werewolf, Mage, Mummy through Cthulhu, to maybe some sci-fi goodies like Cyberpunk 2020, Numenera, Starfinder, d20 Modern or anything else you'd ever wish. But was afraid to play. A place for almost all that is pen & paper roleplaying related. As long as it's not precisely about D&D or Pathfinder, as we have dedicated forums for those. Dungeons & Dragons Ever heard of Dungeons & Dragons? Bah, but of course you have. You've heard of Drizzt, Forgotten Realms, Baldur's Gate, maybe even a word about Volo and Eliminster. Or maybe you've met them and gave'em a hug. Been to the jungles Chult or plundered the whole Undermountain, enraging every other hero around the Realms. It could even be that D&D is the main reason that you are here. Other than memes. Or maybe not, but you're invited to those forums anyway! A mother (maybe a father too) of all that is roleplaying is a game that has enough worlds, editions and most importantly - BEHOLDERS - to keep us entertained through our whole undercellar geeky lives. And it will do it good. Pathfinder Roleplaying Here's a place for all Pathfinder RPG maniacs. Because real pen & paper fantasy games must have a great, math oriented ruleset, a vibrant world, gunpowder *and* green goblins. Released by veterans at Paizo Publishing, it started as a salvation for those who felt betrayed by WotC going MMORPG style with their 4th Edition. Since then PF RPG gathered an enormous and loyal playerbase and released a ton of campaigns and supplements. Another roleplaying game to build a shrine for. The third category is a place of digital roleplaying. A side of RPG universe that's certainly worth thorough exploring. General RPG Gaming Discussions All about digital roleplaying games. If you had a good (or bad) time with some title recently, come and let us know. We're all interested and all ears. Doesn't matter if fantasy, horror, sci-fi, modern or else. If you've played or wait for something interesting, by all means, post. Pen & Paper sessions are great, but never frequent enough to fully replace a good PC, console or mobile game. For those who love such goodies, of course. That would be it! As you see, we've covered the most general categories of things roleplaying. For now. Later we might dive into more details. We promise to post some interesting read from time to time, and we will listen to what you say to adjust our community to your specific needs. And our own of course, but as there should be more you than us, you're gonna the ruler here. And we will blame you for everything... That is great and awesome. So, take the power. Register now, then post about anything you like. Let's make this place a fun and unique community! ~ M. M. ps. This topic will UPDATED regularly. We're busy working in our laboratories.