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Found 1 result

  1. unearthed arcana

    Cure Wounds D&D 5th Edition Spell

    You can cure any creature according to your preference for your selected creature. The character in which you cast this spell regains their point 1d8+ of their Hitpoints. Make sure that your selected character Creator must not be undead. This spell only works on dead creatures. The effect of this spell is totally different according to the level of your character. It performs at 2 different levels 1. Normal level, 2. At a higher level. Normal level At the normal level, your targeted character regains the hit-points at 1d8+ of its ability modifier. The normal level is performed only when you're playing at the 1st level. Higher-level At a higher level, the casted creatures by this spell are increased by 1d8 level (Normal level). This level can't be reached when you're playing at the first level. A player can use this spell at more than 1st level.