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  1. marthur.zm

    New Tabletop RPG

    Hey everyone! I'm new here and am looking to share some awesome experiences with people. To start I actually wanted to say that I am a developer myself and am looking for players to play-test the game. I've been in development for the past 4 years and am on the last stages of the creation process. The game is called Reborn in Power; the system has been created for optimal character customization and campaign. How I managed to make a system that focuses solely on your character creation is by getting rid of the class based structure. Instead of classes, you receive a benefit that allows you to unlock specific Skills, Feats, and Abilities based off of your play-style. You are not locked to a specific class; instead you decide what skills you want and when you get them. This system allowed for me to incorporate Sci-fi elements with Fantasy. Not just that, the system is easy enough to homebrew any style of campaign you want and still include the original elements. This means all genres of storytelling are available for players to enjoy and has a more personal element to your campaigns.